Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flash Cards

In high school, I was never one of those kids who made flash cards for her tests. One girl in my class did for a long time, and I'd use hers sometimes, but I've never had the patience to actually make them myself (not unless they were for extra credit, and sometimes not even then).

This changed on Friday.

I'm actually not sure why, but I just felt like making notecards for my Spanish quiz this Wednesday and my CP test (first one!) that is TOMORROW.

So now I have an inch-thick stack of Spanish vocab notecards on the shelf above my desk and an almost equally-thick stack of CP notecards beside my computer.

(Truthfully, I should probably be reviewing them right now, but I'm sick of looking at them.)

I really do like notecards. I can color-code them and make them all prettyful. Well, at least for the first twenty. After that, I get lazy and my handwriting starts slanting and not looking so hot, but at least it's (mostly) legible.

My defense for illegible notecards is that I have to think harder about what I wrote, therefore helping me remember. Ah, logic, how I love thee.

(BTW, on a side note, the weather will hit SEVENTY DEGREES tomorrow! *patented happy dance* I am so thrilled, I don't even mind that this means I have to shave my legs in our cramped, community bath showers so I can wear my new skirt from Tar-jay...a.k.a. Target.)

I'm really hoping these notecards help a lot. They better, as I spent a good portion of my beautiful Saturday afternoon making them on the Quad (and getting slightly sunburned in the process.)

We'll see tomorrow! Good luck to me!

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.