Sunday, September 26, 2010

As It Turns Out...

I am a bad blogger. Sorry 'bout that...

But I just haven't had the time or inspiration to post anything! However, I will say that this year has been flowing along smoothly. SRT is going well (tours are actually pretty fun!), and Howard College Ambassadors is getting off the ground. I talked to some great prospective students yesterday at the academic fair, one of whom was really excited about Samford and the JMC department (broadcast specifically! Yay!). Foundations Peer Mentoring is another great thing in my life. I know that working with freshmen and prospective students is what I'm supposed to be doing with my time here. It is so rewarding, and I love all my little freshmen.

I've also developed a love of writing random notes of encouragement to friends and popping them in the mail. I love getting mail, but I rarely get any, so I know how much it means to college students to get mail, especially mail you weren't expecting.

Mostly I write to people I don't get to see often, but I also try and write to people I know who are going through stressful times. I have no idea why I started to write these notes, but I love thinking about the smiles on their faces when they read them. If I can make just one girl's day with my notes, I'll be thrilled (yeah, I've only written to girls so far. Guys don't care so much...and they check their mail a lot less frequently).

God is working in silent but powerful ways this semester, and I hope that my work is a part of His brilliant plans.

Also, NOTE TO SELF: Buy more notecards : )

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Can't Think of An Entertaining Title For This Post Because My Brain Hurts

Really, I am just tired right now. Not physically, but mentally, I'm exhausted. Thursdays are killer for me this semester. My day isn't over until 5 o'clock, and then will come homework (thankfully I did mine in advance, so none for me today).

Just to let y'all in on my life now that I'm back at school, I'm taking three classes, one that includes a two-hour lab, and I'm Peer Mentoring a Foundations class, too. On top of that, I'm again working at the radio station, giving tours twice a week (and on some Saturdays), and hopefully writing for the Entre Nous (the yearbook).

[NOTE: All of those last three things involve me getting paid. Cha-ching!]

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are pretty static. Contemporary Math at 10:30, then JMC Writing and Editing at 11:45. I'll be in the radio station some on Wednesdays to record voicetracks, but nothing too stressful.

Tuesdays are fairly boring. 8:00 AM Fiction and Film class, then maybe Convo if it's Academic Lecture or Faith Development (the two categories I still need to fill up). After that is a tour at 11 (there won't always be a tour, but 11:00 is the popular time slot, so we'll probably have a tour 99% of the time). Then I'm done on Tuesdays (and some radio stuff will happen then, too, but again, not enough to stress about). Shiloh is that night, too, so I'm really happy it's on my easy day.

Thursdays are PACKED. It starts the same as Thursdays (minus any radio work), then I have until 1:45 to eat/change clothes (if I get really sweaty on the tour) before my Foundations class. As soon as that ends at 2:50, I head across campus to the JMC lab for my two hour lab at 3:00 (if you astute readers noticed, that means ten minutes to get across campus and get a snack from the food court if I forgot one from the room).

Wow. I don't even like talking about my Thursdays. At least I can sleep until 9:00 the next day.

So that's pretty much all the patience I have for blogging today. My head hurts.

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.