Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Viva Espana!

I have never been a fan of soccer. Never. To me, there's not much action, it's low-scoring, and there are no commercial breaks, so if you have to get food/go to the bathroom/etc., you might miss something. And with my luck, that would be when the only action happens.

(For example, I am currently waiting on the Spain vs. Germany game to start. I am also waiting on a phone call from a potential employer for the summer. I am 99.9% positive he will call during the game.)

However, seeing as I was in Spain when the World Cup started and Spain is still in the chase for the championship (!!!), I am way too into this tournament than I normally would be.

Now I am insistant that I watch all of Spain's games, I wear my jersey to watch said games, and I can actually hold a conversation about the World Cup with people I know who love soccer.

Go me! Go Spain! Viva Espana!

Only an hour until the game. Viva La Roja! Beat Germany!

(BTW, the above picture of of my favorite Spain player, David Villa (#7). He is Spain's star player, having scored 6 of Spain's 7 World Cup goals this year. Villa, Villa, Marvavilla!)

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust. (And La Roja!)