Friday, February 12, 2010

I Enjoy Snow.

I really do. I mean, I live in Georgia and go to college in Alabama, so snow exactly a common sight. But this year, both my home and Samford got a good coating of snow...about 2-3 inches in each place, I think.

Snow is so magical, and I was lucky enough today to be walking outside when it started. I got this goofy little grin on my face and started bouncing in my Emus (knock-off Uggs) on my way to the campus post office to get my Valentine's Day package from the parentals. After getting said package, I sat on a bench outside the University Center and picked through the ten layers of tape in the snow.


Because I could.

Snowball Fight on the Quad

Unfortch, I had one more class to go to, but it was only an hour, (plus a bit more...the professor talked over time today. The snow day of all days! Grr...) and I could watch the snow falling outside the window, so I was okay.

When we got outside, I was in awe. The snow had started to stick while I was in class, so there was about an inch on the ground by the time I got out.

I basically started dancing right lie.

View from the Vail 4th Floor Lobby

So, to put it simply, I've been ecstatic all day long, even if it was just the afternoon classes that got cancelled and all I have are morning classes. Snow totally made up for all of that.

I spent about 2 1/2 hours in the snow: snowball fights, lovely pictures, watching people "sled" down the hill in and on everything from mattresses to laundry baskets to the old trays from the Caf (darn our Caf for going trayless! The only reason we had a tray was because one of the guy RAs had one in his room). One of my friends had his snowboard with him (Why? We don't know, but we're glad he did).

The Football Field

It was amazing.

I love snow.

I'm talking about the snow : )

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.