Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Salute You, General Beauregard Lee

Today, my friends, is the most amazing of holidays.


I realize I am posting this when Groundhog Day is almost over, but we can all still appreciate the fact that there is still one holiday out there that is not over-commercialized and celebrates one of God's creatures that doesn't often get any recognition.

Now, most of America watches old Punxsatawny Phil up on Gobbler's Knob near Pittsburgh to see if he see his shadow. However, I live in the South, and we respect Phil, but our hearts belong to Georgia's own General Beauregard Lee. That's who predicts our long winter/early spring (No offense, Phil.)

This year, those poor folks up north will suffer through another six weeks of winter because Phil saw his shadow, but we down South will get a lovely early spring. Hooray! (I specifically say 'Hooray' for a reason that will be explained later.)

Groundhog Day is my dad's absolute favorite holiday (even though there is no candy involved). I don't know why, but it's become one of my favorites, as well.

We celebrate Groundhog Day in my family with presents from Greta and Greg Groundhog. Greta and Greg are a very nice old groundhog couple (I think they might have migrated from Narnia when it was under the rule of the White Witch...they have sometimes mentioned that they are friends with a beaver couple and a few fauns) who like to leave gifts for girls and boys who still believe in the magic of Groundhog Day. Now, they are getting on in age, and they are living off their retirement funds, so the gifts are small and practical, but fun all the same.

This year Greta brought me a heart-shaped light-up eraser, some cute pencils, metallic paper clips, Silly Putty, Silly String, and (best of all) Disney Princess playing cards!!! (though Princess Jasmine is not on them, which decreases their coolness some)

There is also a song we sing to celebrate the joy that is Groundhog Day. My father made it up, and I entertained quite a few of my college friends today by singing it. So you all can know the lyrics, I'm posting them here:

Happy Groundhog Day!
Happy Groundhog Day!
It's a wonderful, wonderful day!

Happy Groundhog Day!
Happy Groundhog Day!
All the children shout 'Hooray!'

If the groundhog sees his shadow,
Then we'll have to wait for spring!

Happy Groundhog Day
To you and everything!
(this is typically followed by "One more time!" and another round of the song...)

My wonderful father called me this morning to sing to was very nice and much appreciated.

All in all, my Groundhog Day 2010 was fab! Can't wait for Groundhog Day 2011!

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.