Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Infamous Samford Ratio

So I've got ABCFamily on as background noise for my reading of The Communist Manifesto (fun stuff).

Right now they're playing The Wedding Date, which I haven't seen before. It's not bad, to tell the truth.

Anyway, so ABCFamily keeps promoting their new original movie that's airing tonight, Beauty and the Briefcase, which looks incredibly corny and awful with Hilary Duff dressed in really unattractive, bright colors and awkward lipstick. I like Hilary Duff, but her clothes in this movie? Ugh.

Seriously, the station plays a commercial for at least once per commercial break. And in each variation of the commercial (I'm thinking there are two or three), Hilary Duff's character says the line "There are so many men!"

And all I can think is, "She is obviously not talking about Samford."

Darn that 3:1 ratio.

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