Thursday, April 22, 2010

So I Have This Little Addiction... all things Disney.

To tell the truth, it's actually fairly recent. I always liked Disney and knew tons and tons and tons of facts about the movies and had watched all the classics a million times, but I wasn't obsessed. However, if you ask anyone who knows me currently at college, they'll tell you:


Specifically the Disney Princesses. They've got lovely little pedestals in a special section of my heart. Especially Jasmine (don't get me started on how underrepresented she is in the Princess merchandise. Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty get all the glory.)

I think the obsession pretty much started when Samford took a road trip down to Orlando for the first football game of the year versus UCF. As a bonus, the entire group got to go to Disney World the next day. I was hanging out with a wonderful group of girls (Ruth Anne, who would go on to become my best friend, Olivia, another fabulous friend, and Jessica, the current roommate), and we decided to get princess crowns first thing when we got there. Ruth Anne was Belle, Olivia was Aurora, Jessica was Cinderella, and I spent much time deliberating between Ariel and Jasmine.

I identify incredibly well with both of them. Ariel for her passion for singing and naive nature, and Jasmine for her sarcasm and boldness. And both of them are hopeless romantics and stubborn. In the end I ended up going with Jasmine because her crown was prettier : )

We wore those crowns all over the park that day and were greeted as "Your Highnesses" wherever we went.

Can you say, "amazing?" Because I can.

Anyway, so that pretty much started my absolute fascination with the Disney Princesses. I have a wonderful poster on my wall of the Princesses (minus Tiana because she hadn't officially been added yet) and Jasmine's tiara is hanging beside it. I have Disney Princess playing cards, and I even did a paper about Vera Wang's Princess perfume wearing my tiara (the professor loved it).

So yeah. Obsessed. Just a little bit.

But feel free to gift me anything that may have to do with the Princesses. Because I love them.

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.