Friday, May 14, 2010

The End of the Beginning

I woke this morning in my queen-sized, comfy bed at home, which was when I realized I'd never again wake up again in Vail 422, on my twin-size, industrial quality mattress, lofted high enough that it required a stepladder and made making my bed the biggest pain in the butt ever in the history of the universe.

I kind of miss it.

Actually, I think there a lot of things I'll miss about freshman year now that it's over. Things I occasionally griped about or didn't think of much, but things I now realize I'll be sad to have lost next year.

Vail is the main thing. Despite the 55 different room configurations, the odious amounts of steps, and the cramped showers, I'm definately going to miss being around 85% of the freshman female population almost 24/7. Next year I'll be in Evergreen, which is a lot of the sophomore girls, but it's not as many as Vail had, and there are some juniors and seniors there (maybe). It was nice to be able to go anywhere in the building and be able to find pretty much whoever you wanted to find. The guys hung out there, too, which made it even more fun. It will be weird next year when we have to go to a different building to find a lot of our friends (and some will be across campus in the Greek housing, a million miles away from Beeson Woods, where I'll live).

Freshman year is OVER. As soon as my scores become posted to my transcript, I'll be an official sophomore at Samford University. I completely understand the people who say college goes by too quickly. It really does.

Anyway, I'm home for a little while before leaving for Spain (exactly a week from now...eep!). This means sleeping until I deem it okay to wake up and eating at odd hours of the day (while unpacking all the junk from my dorm room and packing for five weeks in Madrid).

Freshman year, you were awesome, and you will be greatly missed. Sophomore year, here I come.

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.