Saturday, May 29, 2010

Notes on Spain

-My version of leche frio (cold milk) is not their version of leche frio. In other words, my lukewarm is their cold, typically.

-I have always underappreciated air conditioning. I wake up sticky with sweat every morning.

-Dinner is served at 10 (on average). No joke.

-Lunch is at 2:30 or 3. I get very hungry by then.

-Breakfast is the smallest meal of the day and is normally not very nutritious. For our Madre, it consists of hot milk with Nesquick, toast with butter, some juice (an orange, lemon, carrot combo that’s really good), and some soft of small, pre-packaged pastry (often chocolate croissants).

-The aforementioned breakfast is wonderful.

-I have a much smaller appetite here. I’ll be absolutely starving, but I won’t eat half as much as I do at home when I’m half as hungry. It’s insane. And the food is SO good! Our Madre used to run a restaurant with her sister, so she’s a phenomenal cook.

-Most interesting meal our Madre has served us: Pizza, fried eggs, and French fries. Yep.

-In my room at home, I have 10+ outlets just for me. In my dorm room, there were 7+ (and our lovely surge protectors, which made for a total of 15+) for Jessica and I to share. In our room here, there is ONE for Karin and I to share. I’m having to prioritize my camera battery, cell phone battery, and computer battery, and Karin has to work in her chargers and straightener, too. Insanity.

-The buses run on a much slower schedule on Saturdays. Did anyone tell us before we waited 20 minutes for our usual bus? That would be a no. But we caught the metro and got there exactly on time (literally, EXACTLY on time. 9:00 on the money).

-I never realized how much I used the Internet before coming here where I can’t use it at a moment’s notice. It’s an almost scary realization.

-There is not a close metro stop to the Museo del Prado. Not. At. All.

-Coke Light is much better than Diet Coke.

-They do, in fact, serve ice-cold Coca-Cola, contrary to the horror stories my mother told me before I came.

-They’re serious when they tell you to watch your stuff for pickpockets. And the police/security guards won’t stop them, even if they see it happen. “It’s not [their] problem.” (True story.)

-Segovia is the prettiest place I’ve ever been. The abundance of terra-cotta roofs is just a bonus.

-Dulce de Leche ice cream is much better here.

-The kids here are SO cute. No lie, utterly adorable.

-I have no idea how the aqueduct of Segovia was built. I suspect aliens.

-It’s very easy to take 313 pictures in one day.

-Spaniards are very open to people learning their language. Most are very patient with foreigners.

-People on the metro stare openly at sunburns. I guess they don’t see them that often.

Hasta luego!

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.