Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spain: May 25-26

Okay, so I officially love Madrid. It's just so chill and awesome. And even though it's hot, it's not humid, so my hair really appreciates it. I just smile ALL the time. It's so great here. Not that I'd ever want to live here long-term, but for four weeks I'll be very content.

Classes are a lot of fun, and I'm learning tons. The second profesora of the day is definitely easier that the first. I had to describe a kidney yesterday in Spanish. Weirdest thing ever. But I made my point. Also, the scurge that is the Snuggie is not known here, so I'm grateful (I tried saying the other day "Snuggies annoy me" but she didn't understand because she didn't know what a Snuggie was).

We had our first group meeting yesterday at El Espejo, a really good outdoor retaurant in the median of the Grande Via (Madrid's equivilant of Broadway in NYC). I had a toasted ham, cheese, and fried egg sandwhich that was delicious. We also got our assignments for this Saturday's trip to Segovia. We have to research some historic aspects and give a small report on it for our group (I also have go give a presentation in Spanish about Union Point tomorrow. So weird. Not sure how that's going to work out). My group is really awesome (it's Taylor, Victoria, Caitlin, Christin, Karin, Erin, and me), and I am really excited about Segovia.

Karin and I went shopping after lunch and got the most gorgeous scarves (bufandas) at a store called Lafirma. There were tons of other things we wanted to buy, but we couldn't justify spending 100 euros on a pair of shoes (even though I REALLY wanted to).

my gorgeous scarf : )

We then did our homework in Retiro park, which is a GIANT park in the middle of Madrid. The weather was gorgeous, and we got some people watching in, too. It's so much fun to people watch in foreign countries because you can really pick up on some stuff. I'm learning the most through listening to others and learning words that are for practical use in the day-to-day.

We got back to the apartment, read and napped for a bit, then met the two French girls that will be staying there for a couple of days on a school trip. They know Spanish pretty well, and very little English, so we have to use Spanish to talk to them. They're pretty cool.

Today Karin and I are researching our Segovia facts, eating lunch at the apartment, then maybe going shopping with some of our friends in the group. There are some stores on the Grand Via I really want to go to (cheap shoes! cheap bags! cheap dresses!), so I hope that pans out.

We're going to a concert tonight to hear one of Samford's music deans play with one of his Spanish friends. It's a really cool coincidence that he's here, but we're excited. And we're going to go to a bullfight soon, so that will be intresting, to say the least. And Sunday I think we're going on a double-decker bus tour of Madrid with some friends, and I'm super-excited about that.

I don't have much time before Karin and I have to leave for lunch, so I'll post again soon.

Hasta luego!

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