Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yes, I've been in class for two weeks as of tomorrow, and yes, we're having mid-terms. Of course, the class is only four weeks, so it makes sense, but STILL. It's slightly overwhelming. However, I really do feel like I understand all of what goes on in class. I can pick out when someone mispronounces something or uses the wrong tense, and I'm pretty sure I can always choose correctly between 'ser' and 'estar.' I have a good feeling about this test...but Karin and I are doing some studying tonight!

We haven't really done as much stuff this week. Last week we were in tourist mode (i.e. snapping pics everywhere, getting used to the city and metro system, etc.), but this week we're kind of settling into life here. We did go to the King Tut special exhibit on Monday, which was really cool, and the metro stop we used to get there is also near the zoo, aquarium, lake, and amusement park. Needless to say, we'll be going back there.

Tuesday Karin and I went out shopping on Princesa. I got the cutest skirt, a black cardigan, and a black breezy top. I wanted the top in another color, too, and a pair of sandals, but neither were in my size. We also hit up El Corte Ingles (equivilant of a giant department store...six floors!) for a beach towel, sunscreen (btw, sunburn is okay...beginning to peel a bit, but not much), a straightener for Karin, and some browsing. Oh, for lunch we had a group meeting in the park with picnic lunches, and afterwards we met some old guys in the park playing chess. They were adorable. I think Taylor is going to chat with them on a regular basis now.

Yesterday (Wednesday), we booked our hotel and flights for Barcelona next weekend (free weekend). I'm so excited! Our hotel is right on the beach : ) We did some more shopping with Molly on Goya later, and I got two dresses and another top for TWENTY-FOUR EUROS. No kidding. I was pumped. Also got a bracelet that was super-cute. I love Spanish shopping (side note: Toledo this weekend. Jewelry GALORE. So excited).

Today we're going to the Reina Sofia museum, which is right beside our house (yay!), then studying for our mid-term tomorrow. May go get gelato or pastries in Sol for a study break. Not sure yet. here is crazy. Look for more pics on Facebook tomorrow!

(and once again, Blogger hates my pics and won't upload. pooh.)

Hasta luego!

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