Saturday, June 5, 2010

"When in Madrid, Make Out on the Metro"- Courtney Connell

(this quote actually happened, and it seems to be accurate. I think ever metro ride I've ever taken has had the token couple whose faces were stuck together.)

So I got to go to a bullfight last night. Well, actually, it was more like six bullfights. Yes, that's right. SIX. Surprisingly, after the first fight, it was pretty interesting to watch. There's a lot of rules and things that go into it, and I asked Dra. Crider so many questions that I'm sure she was sick of me by the end of it.

I'll share one tidbit of bullfight info with you: If a bull comes into the ring to fight and after a while they decide he is not responding as fiercely as they would like, they'll send the bull back out (they herd him using other bulls to make him feel comfortable). However, the bull still has to die. Once a bull has faced a man, he is considered too dangerous to keep alive because he'll charge any other man he sees. So they shoot him later.

Yeah. Fun stuff. However, culturally fascinating.

Also, I got a fan. I love this thing.

After the bullfight, the entire group went out to eat at a place whose name I never learned. We had this AMAZING roasted chicken that I just devoured, and then some of us made our way to good ole' Micky D's for a McFlurry.

Now don't go calling me a tourist: these McFlurries are SO much better than in the States. They have KitKat, Crunch, and Peanut M&M flavors, and also Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Caramel syrups to go with them. KitKat+Caramel=LOVE. Though the Crunch and Caramel isn't bad either.

Today we went to Toledo, which was pretty amazing, even if it was scorching hot. I got the majority of my present shopping done there (liquidation sale at a jewelry store! 50% off!) and got a few good photos. It wasn't as picturesque as Segovia, but it was so historical. Lots of hills though. No fun.

Tomorrow we're heading to El Rastro, the big "flea market" here, and then we're going to Lago to help a missionary (he's a Samford grad). We're going to be talking to (or attemping to talk to) Equadorian refugees and passing out tracts. There's going to be an American band there, too. Which one? I'm not sure.

Well, I can't write much more. I'm almost out of juice on my computer and there isn't a free outlet at Starbucks (side note: there's one two minutes from our apartment, and we went two weeks not knowing it was here. We're horrible people).

Hasta luego!

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.