Tuesday, June 8, 2010

People You Meet on the Madrid Metro

-old lady with a fan

-old man with a newspaper

-loud, obnoxious high schoolers

-loud, obnoxious American tourists (not us, ones that spend the entire ride talking about how many DUI’s they’ve gotten)

-creepy stalker man

- girl who forgot to put on pants that morning

-girl who was vacuumed sealed into her jeans

-woman with heels as tall as a small child

-thief with coat over his/her arm

-middle school boy who has not become acquainted with deoderant

-ultra-fashionable Spanish woman

-metrosexual man

-gay/lesbian couple

-couple stuck together at mouth

-disturbing couple that looks like they could be dad/daughter

-NOT our madre because she hates the Metro

-scary old lady we met previously at the bus stop

-normal people (possibly)

-adorable babies

-Johnny Depp lookalike who I wanted to stare at for a very, very long time

Hasta luego!

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.