Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As I Am Very Tired, I Shall Only Post a Short List

(This list consists of the various and sundry thoughts I have accumulated during our two days of the Andalucian tour)

  • Windmills. They're awesome. And pretty.
  • I swear, Coca-Cola just tastes better over here. And Fanta Naranja (Orange, for those of you who need to brush up on your Spanish) is DEFINITELY better.
  • Did you know that buses have a certain amount of time they have to rest over here, as required by national law? It's pretty intense, but it's cut down tremendously on the amount of bus accidents.
  • I really do love fans. I'm going to be that quirky girl with the fan sitting at Samford football games, I really will. I love them.
  • I also have a really bad habit of collecting scarves. They're pretty, cheap, and light. Therefore, perfect items to pick up while traveling.
  • On that note, my suitcase WILL be under the weight limit. I can actually pick it up now.
  • I miss my big bed, I really do.
  • First thing I'm making when I get back home: PB&J with a glass of really cold milk.
  • I have now seen the Spanish Bradley Cooper, and he can flamenco dance. Life. Complete.
  • I had piping hot, fresh out of the oven bread for dinner tonight, and it was the best thing ever.
  • This morning, I ate the Jewish Quarter of town. Oh, the irony.
  • I'm still looking for a beach hat.
  • Even though I complain about it, at the end of the stairs/ramps, I am always glad I climb up really tall towers in historic places.
  • Horses smell.
  • Birds don't aim their poop very well. Or maybe they just target girls in white shirts. (Thankfully, it was our last stop before the hotel and the majority got on my arm and not my clothes)
  • Magnifying mirrors make you aware of how desperately you need an eyebrow wax.
  • On that note, I NEED A PEDICURE.
  • I'll sleep on the bus tomorow.
  • My, this list was longer than expected.
Hasta luego!

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.